Oleificio Ranieri

About us

In the green Umbrian hills surrounding Citta’ di Castello, the main city of the Upper Tiber Valley, in the Northen part of Umbria, Ranieri Family, for over 70 years offers its customers the ancient wisdom of the olive oil and the goodness of its territory.

To respect our history we offer the highest quality and excellence to those who believe in our work and continue to trust us for years.

Enjoy your journey to discover the specialities of Oleificio Ranieri and Buon appetito!!!


The goal of our company is to provide our customers a high quality product: to ensure all this we have created strict technical specifications of purchase, strict internal controls , external analysis , validated operating procedures , designed to offer the highest standards of quality and safety .
We use it mostly oil organic , environmentally friendly materials and are looking for the sustainability of all our delivery ; therefore we have with our partners a steady relationship and trust that ensures optimal materials in an environmentally.
We implement the policy of zero kilometers - as far as possible - for saving precious natural resources. We ask that suppliers , agents, contractors and their employees to demonstrate honesty , integrity and loyalty , and they adhere unconditionally to our standards . Similarly we maintain the same commitments to our customers .
Our quality is also expressed in the use of alternative energy , through a modern photovoltaic system that covers the entire energy needs company .
The intelligent use of water and its release to the public sewers is constantly monitored by our staff and external technical experts who periodically monitor the values of the same and ensure proper water management
We controlled for years by the prestigious international body Bureau Veritas , having signed the project Ressource , which certifies how are we respected the strict parameters required.

We dedicate our efforts and the resources necessary to prevent accidents , injury and illness in the workplace.
We would like all those who work with our company can "feel good" , physically and psychologically : this is high quality to which we aspire .

The doors of our company are always open to all , as well as the contents of our products.

Oleificio Ranieri has for many years now started and pursued a corporate culture oriented to quality, continuous improvement of its business processes, keeping central excellence the needs of its internal representatives (employees and consultants) and external (customers primarily).
Operating in a market increasingly demanding in terms of quality, the company decided since 1999 to certify its quality system according to UNI EN ISO, getting from this location great satisfaction and recognition, such as the Quality Award Umbria (year 2003 ) and the reference to the Italian Quality Award (2004), Prize William Sonoma USA (2005) and centered many other prestigious goals.

our company certificates:

  • Certification of quality management system ISO 9001:2008
  • BRC British Reatail Consortium
  • IFS International food standard
  • CCPB Consortium control organic products
  • USDA / NOP
  • JAS
  • WIT