Monograno Felicetti Matt

MATT : a hearty, rich variety of 100% durum wheat with a mouth-watering flavor of freshly baked bread drenched in farm-fresh butter and the delicate aroma of dried coconut and spring hay fields. This special single-varietal of hard wheat is named “Matt” after the son of the American geneticist who discovered it. Just like wine has terroir, grapes producing wine differing in flavor depending on where it’s grown, we know that grain too tastes different depending on where it is sown. We planted the Matt grain in many different regions of Italy until finally discovering that Sicily and Puglia yield the best tasting, most aromatic pasta with the perfect balance of gluten and protein and lovely yellow color.We grind the Matt semolina in the morning for the pasta that we will make that day resulting in exceptionally fresh, delicious and nutritious pasta.