Monograno Felicetti Farro

FARRO: made with 100% organic whole grain farro, an ancient grain with three times the fiber of conventional pasta. Skillfully the Felicetti pasta-makers turn this exceptional farro flour into premium pasta that during cooking releases the delicate fragrance of toasted hazelnuts. Its texture is firm and wonderfully chewy. It’s flavors hint of freshly baked bread with hints of roasted peanuts and sweet red dates. Just like wine has terroir, grapes producing wine differing in flavor depending on where it’s grown, we know that grain too tastes different depending on where it is sown. After years of exhaustive testing the Felicetti company found it the best tasting when organically grown in Umbria, a region of Italy that has been renowned for its farro since ancient Roman times. We grind the farro in the morning for the pasta that we will make that day for an exceptionally fresh, delicious and nutritious pasta.