Sole e Natura


The company was born with the precise aim to create authentic products, obtained by using exclusively soya and rice seeds of Italian origin, which are finely selected and not genetically modified, using scrupulous control methods in all the collection, receiving, and production phases.

The choice to implement the numerous nutritional properties of soya and rice provides an answer to the consumers’ diet changes, who are becoming more and more careful and demanding with regards to health and wellness.

Bio Slym satisfies with its products, not only who is seeking natural ingredients but all those people that must follow particular diets due to intolerances, mainly from lactose or gluten, which are not present in our products (excluding Sole e Natura vegetable béchamel and Buon per Te Orzomalto beverage which contain gluten).

Bio Slym produces biological and traditional foods with the same care, quality and commitment. The range of our products is very wide and diversified with distinguishing and well recognizable trademarks which are distributed in stores specialised in natural foods and GDO. In addition to Italy, Bio Slym products are sold in Europe and north America.


The Sole e Natura line includes vegetable beverages and aromatized soya drinks and vegetable béchamel, and delicious 100% vegetable, soya-based desserts, which are perfect alternatives to traditional products in terms of functional and organoleptic properties. On sale in the best shops specialising in organic food.


Buon per Te is the line that distinguishes "traditional" drinks that are soya and rice based, strictly non-genetically modified, high-quality, vegetable, healthy, genuine, free from preservatives and with all the nutritional properties and health of soya and rice. On sale in the best mass retail chains. High in flavour, the height of health!

Bio Slym is a "green" company with a constant commitment to eco-sustainability; organic and traditional food and beverages obtained from Italian non-genetically modified soya and rice and from locally produced crops up to a maximum radius of 200 km from the company. Bio Slym ensures complete traceability of the soya and rice seeds used thanks to direct contact with farmers.

In recent years Bio Slym has invested heavily in order to minimise the environmental impact of its productions; today an advanced disposal facility allows transformation of the waste into biogas and then into green energy ensuring complete respect for and absolute protection of the environment.