Natura Nuova


To invent a whole new way to consume fruit: this is Gabriele Longanesi’s idea, whom in 1994, founded Natura Nuova in Bagnacavallo province of Ravenna.

That’s how producing fruit smoothies and fruit pulps started: ready to eat fresh fruits, in handy tins.

In 1996 the first artisanal productions of fruit smoothies begun to cater not only the organic food market, immediately gaining major market areas with a vast range of quality and high content products.

Natura Nuova soon becomes one of the leading supplier companies of organic pulp fruits in food services: school, hospital and nursing home canteens. 

The company’s constant and growing interest in natural products has been useful to overcome the vast market of large-scale distributors of domestic consumption.

Today, Natura Nuova produces a variety of conventional and organic fruit-based products, alongside different vegetable protein based food, and just recently, as well as typical products to introduce the tastes and aroma of the italian region of Romagna.

The row of products:

        Natura Nuova Bio (from organic agriculture) e Frullà for fruit pulps (from ventional agriculture);

  •        Compagnia Italiana Alimenti Biologici for vegetable protein based food;

  •         Dolce Romagna for typical products of Romagna.

MISSION: A delicious and healthy diet

Natura Nuova satisfies the demand of a delicious and nutritional diet by focusing on a balanced nourishment, for a genuine and improved quality of life.

The raw materials are highly selected, deprived of pesticides, fertilizers, additives and preservatives. They are mostly from the Emilia-Romagna region, given that only a shortened supply chain values the environment, the resources and the products safeguarding its quality.

Natura Nuova improves and adopts, first among everyone, the process of manufacturing in cold(innovative technology that leaves unaltered the nutrional values of the fruit, respecting its essentiality for a high guaranteed nourishment) the fruit which allows to preserve its natural taste and organoleptic characteristics.

Therefore, guaranteeing:

·        the food’s taste and authenticity; 

·        traceability;

·        quality.