Grissin Bon

Grissin Bon is a company operating in the production and commercialization of bakery products such as breadsticks and rusks.
The company is present on the different commercial channels such as wholesalers, retailers, independent sellers, in the department stores, in the organized distribution and in catering. Grissin Bon also produces under private trademarks for the main groups which make up the domestic and foreign department stores.

The new product line Grissin Bon offers consumers a great variety of flavours as well as high food quality, you can choose between the traditional bread-sticks, the sesame-flavoured ones, the wholewheat breadsticks, the Torinese ones, exquisite variations created from a receipt of the old Italian handicraft tradition based on simple, healthy and natural ingredients.

In the mid-Eighties Grissin Bon launched an innovative and exclusive product called “Fagolosi”, which is today a leader on the domestic market of bread-sticks.

Grissin Bon’s leading product, together with “Fagolosi” and the bread-sticks “Fornarelli”, both Classic and Organic, “Gongoli”, small morsels of bread with extra-virgin olive oil, in the version with kamut flour too, the traditional rusks (leFrescheBiscottate), in the new and exclusive fresh-keeping package with 8 portions 4 slices each and “MiniFagolosi”, an evolution in snack version of Fagolosi, in multi-packs containing 8 portions 20 g each.

The friable, savoury, fanciful and genuine Grissin Bon’s products owe their goodness to the accurate leavening and processing which have been scrupulously carried out for over half a century.

The high quality standards, an aimed advertising campaign of the trademark and an attractive packaging have contributed to making Grissin Bon an unchallenged leader on the domestic market of bread substitutes, thus answering the most rigid norms of quality standards such as the norm UNI EN ISO 9001:2008, the standard BRC (British Retail Consortium), the IFS (International Food Standard) as well as the certificate of conformity with the regulation CE 834/2007 (biological)