About Us

Born in 1973 COMINTER is a food brokers’ agency.

It gained its experience in the conventional sector by dealing with cereals, rice, legumes, honey and dried fruit for the food and livestock industry. The main sources of supply were Eastern countries (at that time managed by monopolistic structures), the Middle East, the American continent and China.

Since 1984 we have decided to take up a new challenge: the biological world- long before this sector was regulated. Thanks to forty years of commercial experience and a careful selection of producers and traders, we boast a range of raw materials and finished products that no agency in the Old Continent can guarantee. We operate in the field of biological raw materials offering direct relationship with importers and processors, as well as the possibility of relying on a logistic platform dedicated exclusively to organic for expressed needs, small volumes or cultivation contracts. It’s all up to the client’s choice. Our main mission is to provide the client with the highest possible guarantees and expertise, also using external collaborators to ensure that information and in-depth analysis is at professional level.