Biologistic was founded in 2007 after a few decades of experience in the organic food raw materials. This adventure originates from the need to put everyone - big companies, medium and small - in conditions of being able to stock raw materials necessary for the processing of organic products. Already known on the market, the representatives are credited by the best transformers and packers, but for logistical problems they are not able to reach everyone. Thus, our idea is to create a logistics where the preferential channel is constituted from the companies represented by COMINTER.


Importers, exporters, wholesalers, processors. Today our primary target is to be able to guarantee the product with a total traceability; orienting ourselves as much as possible towards the planning of cultivation contracts for herbs, spices, dehydrated vegetables and ancient grains. The collaboration with Italian agronomists and local structures allows us to evaluate in the different geographical areas the vocation of the land to obtain a better product and guarantee a fair remuneration to the agricultural operators and a correct rotation of crops.


The business choice has been that to entrust integrally storage and evasion orders to the G.I.D.D. A logistics and transport structure where air-conditioned warehouses dedicated exclusively to BioLogistic located in Brugherio and Agrate; in the Milan hinterland on the A4 Torino-Venezia. BioLogistic can rely on the different platforms of G.I.D.D. for both logistics and transport. The choice has been therefore to collaborate with a structure equipped able to guarantee the traceability of the products from the income in warehouse until the delivery to the warehouse of the customer.


We are proud to say that BioLogistic sells only raw materials from organic farming.


All the technical sheets are available in the "Raw Materials" section and we try to keep them as up to date as possible also from the legislative point of view. We have not adhered to any type of quality certification because we operate exclusively as logistics and without any kind of internal manipulation, limiting ourselves to the internal manuals HACCP and Food Defense Plan. Several suppliers have a certified quality according to the best known standards and we keep them constantly monitored. We use external laboratories for control analysis, a specialized company deals with monitoring and pest control.