Bauer food preparations stand out for a naturalness that brings out their goodness and is inspired by Trentino cuisine. Masterful craftsmanship, and stringent compliance with processes and processing times, that are slow and delicate, do the rest. The resulting products combine tradition and innovation, with the accent on excellence.

Quality is our main ingredient

We at Bauer are committed to offering healthy, tasty products that are the core of a balanced diet. That’s why we’ve decided to say “no” to additives. Over the years, this never-ending commitment has become a veritable philosophy we like to sum up like this: No glutamate. No hydrogenated fats. No flavourings. Just good taste.

We've been adding flavour to your dishes for over 80 years

We at Bauer have been bringing taste and genuine wholesomeness into the kitchens of Italians since 1929.  In 1986, our constant attention to their needs led to the creation of Vegetalbrodo – the first 100% vegetable broth that dissolves instantly in boiling water.  It contains no gluten or MSG…naturally.

From Trentino with love

The real main ingredient in Bauer broth preparations and flavour enhancers is a unique inspiration that places the accent on genuine wholesomeness, precision and quality: Trentino, with its naturally simple cuisine, the solid reliability of its people, and a cultural tradition in which things are simply done right.

Each step we take in our business is inspired by propriety, clarity and ethics – from personnel policies to production processes, from the choice of basic ingredients to the management of logistics, up to and including protection of the environment and of the local area. The principles that inspire us at Bauer’s in our daily tasks are consistent with this concept and are embodied in our Code of Ethics.

Certified safety

Our production system stands out for its transparency and meticulousness. Our everyday, ongoing commitment to quality and excellence has been verified and certified in writing by prestigious organisations in Italy and around the world.