Molino Grassi


For three generations, in our home you reap what you sow.”

In 1934 we started filling our sacks with flour and so does our entreprise as transformers of soft wheat for bread-making begun.

The wheat ripens, time passes and here comes the ‘60s: the time to explore new fields. Our second generation has given way to the production of semola, establishing the first rows of durum wheat transormation in Northern Italy.

The 90’s has become the year of organic endeavour. The experience which has allowed us to venture in baby food, to collaborate with international brands and leading companies of the organic food market.

The third generation, thanks to our past experiences as pioneers of organic product producers in Italy, is now a reference in assuring Food Safety all over Europe.


“Responding to the constant demand of food safety. Supply Chain.

For several years, we have made our own a new philosphy of relation with agriculture; being the first to develop an approach to production chain, more cooperative rather than competetive, therefore allowing us in a short span of time to become a reference in experimenting new varieties and types of products.

This kind of evolution marks the transition from a control stage to a research and development stage, creating the best conditions for obtaining a high quality product.

Technology, company organisation and quality control.

Research, production equipment and company organisation investment have always been our fundamental point. As of now, our production machinary amount to two separated mills: one for durum wheat (165 tons a day) and the other is for soft wheat (100 tons a day), fully automated and updated with the latest electronic control systems. Today, the entire company organisation is able to secure product quality according to international law ISO 9001. Every single step to production is important: from choosing the suppliers; tracking; buying the same lot numbers; freezing system and atmospheric control (CO2 and Nitrogen); production process and stocking, according to hygenic measures; the packaging and transport of the finished products, the employment of our team members.