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Since fifty years we produce and sell pastry ingredients for professional and artisanal applications. In half a century we walked a long road and meanwhile we grew and changed. We improved our framework: upgrading our plants, catching up with latest tecnology, enhancing our products to fit the consumer's need. In this process one thing has not changed: the care to the customer. The customer has always been our main focus. We can be a reliable partner for our buyer, satisfying her expectations in every phase of the trade relationship, in the product quality, in solid result and ensuring short delivery time.

Our production offers a wide and appreciated range of products: from industrial and artisanal margarines to ready mixes for bakery and pastry, alongside a wide choice of cocoa and hazelnut spreadable creams, chocolates and compound of chocolate. Care and skill are the base of our production process, from research and product development to the manufacture of the goods through choice of the best raw materials. We do all of this in order to guarantee the best quality to our products, so that they will allow you to realize healthy and appetizing foods and sweets.


It’s our goal and effort to offer to our clients products with the best quality and food safety on the market. We have chosen to abide by the highest quality standard, which enabled us to achieive the following certificates:

We devote a great focus to energy use and emission reduction, as well as sustainable use of natural resources. To extend such attention over our local context we have adhered to the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO). In fact, we recognize RSPO’s Code of Conduct as a guideline ensuring sustainability and environmental preservation in harvesting and production of palm oil, as well as against deforestation, to promote a true social and environmental sustainability.



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The first and only margarines produced in Italy using the method of organic farming. The selected ingredients, the certified process and our traditional knowledge are blended to give to the operators of confectionery and organic food a full range of products.

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