Le conserve della nonna

A transparent secret

Respect for tradition, semplicity, genuine products, manufacture of fresh goods within 24 hours of reaping.

These are our secrets.

A secret that is so transparent even our products are packed in clear glass bottles, for we are proud to show a quality that can not only be visible but can be tasted as well.

Yesterday’s knowledge is today’s product.

Today, Le Conserve della Nonna continues with the same philosophy with which it was born: to always offer a vast selection of tasty high quality products for clients of different demands and lifestyles:

Come fatte in casa: the line of products suitable for each and everyone of the family, it is based on traditional home recipes in each step of production to offer products that have the same taste and consistency of home-cooked goods.

La Linea Bio: assures the taste of the best Italian gastronomic tradition along with the best ingredients from organic agriculture.

Linea Le Specialità: dedicated to those who look for convenient ready-made condiment but at the same time highlightening the authentic taste of Italian traditional cuisine. Perfectly balanced recipe, high quality ingredients, unusual combinations to enliven one’s palate: these are the characteristics of the brand new sauce line of Conserve delle nonna.

Environmentally safe

Sauces, jams and side dishes are all made in a modern, refined, advanced and eco-friendly establishment in Ravarino. A new solar-powered machinary, which produces clean energy for operating the factory, enables a drastic reduction of CO2 emission, about 465.353 Kg.